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Tent Life - An inspirational guide to camping and outdoor living - Out Now

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AKA Mouth

Seb Santabarbara 

Here at Adara Tattoo we believe that creativity breeds creativity. Seb is a three time published author and has been called the ink quill of his generation. Since returning from travelling Seb has become a welcome addition to the Adara Team and is always around in the studio writing or achieving critical acclaim with his stand up.

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Seb's Published works


By day I write about retro games but I've been lucky enough to publish a range of informative books based on my time spent travelling.

Road life

Supported by Instagram-worthy photography, Seb interviews 35 contributors to bring out their unique and inspirational approach to life and travel, their most memorable experiences (and challenges) and the tips and gadgets they couldn’t live without.

Tent Life

Tent Life introduces you to 34 inspirational people from across the globe who’ve made camping part of their lifestyle, and provides you with the tools to do the same.

van life

Van Life For Dummies is your go-to guide for becoming a van lifer. You'll learn to customize your vehicle, adapt to life on the road, and find the peace and adventure you're seeking.


A selection of moments captured during my travels which inspired both van life & tent life.

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